Why We Oppose an Organic Checkoff

  1. This will be just another Tax on farmers either directly or indirectly when processors pass the cost down.
  2. Want to promote the benefits of Organic? You can’t in a check-off. Even something as simple and accurate as “Organic is the Gold Standard,” will not be allowed by USDA.
  3. The Check-off system is fundamentally broken for farmers – the federally mandated check-off programs have restrictive guidelines, heavy bureaucracy, lack of accountability and cost of administration.
  4. Check-off programs have a history of using check-off funds inappropriately, with poor representation of farmer priorities in granting of research dollars.
  5. Commodity check-off programs that are successful see a decline of family farmers in business.
  6. Promoting organic sales now will not increase organic acreage in the US but will increase lower priced organic imports.
Sign to Oppose the Checkoff Today! Learn more about the drawbacks of the check-off program. In some of our recent posts, below, you’ll find compelling testimony from farmers who’ve suffered from check-off programs.


Recent Posts

The Mastodon in the Room: A Critique of the Proposed Organic Checkoff

By, Diana Kaye, Terressentials Terressentials is a personal care company of artisan hand-crafters making a wide range of authentic certified organic products: organic skin care, hair care, organic baby products, and other goods made with certified organic oils, herbs and butters. As a long-time, 25-year participant in the organic products marketplace, a USDA National Organic Program organic certified […]

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Opposition to Organic Checkoff Grows…

The No Organic Checkoff opposition, reaches 1,387 signatures! See the most recent petition here. The comments from farmers tell you more than any organization could…  farmers do NOT want an organic checkoff.

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More farmers OPPOSE the checkoff than support it!

Organic Farmers Do NOT Want a Checkoff:  Organic Farmer Opposition Surpasses The Organic Trade Association’s Farmer Support for Organic Checkoff July 11, 2016 – More organic farmers oppose the proposed Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) organic checkoff than support it; the No Organic Checkoff Coalition asks USDA to close the proposed checkoff.  The No Organic Checkoff Coalition, […]

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No Organic Checkoff Petition reaches 905 signatures.

The documented organic farmer opposition to the OTA’s proposal for an organic checkoff increases every day. On July 1, 2016 we have 905 signatures opposed to the organic checkoff. NoOrganicCheckoffPetition-7-1-2016

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