What Are Consumers Saying?


USDA wants to hear your unique story– who you are and why you oppose the checkoff.  Even one sentence is enough to be registered.  Make your voice heard by March 20, 2017!

I do not know if I want to go into organic farming if have do this. Duane Olymiss Farm.
– Duane Hoeft, Organic Consumer, Minnesota

A very concerned consumer.
 michele grayndler, Organic Consumer, SC

Although I am not a farmer, I agree with this petition since I support our local organic dairy farmers and trust them if they do not believe in the “Check-Off” Program.
– Jeanne Brooks, Organic Consumer, Maine

As a coffee roaster that is required to submit to lengthy and costly measures to insure that what I buy is given out as organic I find it offensive that we have to come to these measures. Please make the playing field fair to all concerned.
– Brad Mallett, Organic Consumer, South Carolina

As a consumer of organic food and products, and as an organic gardener, I oppose the Organic Check-Off Program. I oppose this Program because organic farmers’ do not need or deserve to have their profitability negatively affected, which would then most likely be passed down to the consumer. It is an unfair and unnecessary program which will only hurt the organic farmer and in turn, the consumer.
– Rebecca Warsinsky, Organic Consumer, WV

As a consumer of organic produce and goods, I say NO to any increased tax on these goods, especially when the check-off tax goes into a general fund with minimal regulation, and which has the commercial- not the organic farmer in mind.
– Smol Kristen, Organic Consumer, CA

As a consumer of organic produce this program will increase cost and provide no benefit. I’m against it and urge you not to institute it.
– Malcolm Booth, Organic Consumer, CA

As a consumer of organic products, this Check Off proposal is completely unwarranted. What the organic industry truly needs to provide more healthy food to all US citizens is an end to the federal subsidy of non-organic corn and soybeans, and support to connect the underserved communities where “food deserts” exist that lack fresh produce with the abundant local organic produce that could nourish these residents.
– Kim Baenisch, Organic Consumer, CA

As a purchaser of organically farmed foods and a supporter of the health benefits and diversity that organic farming provides, I strongly support this petition to keep Organic Farmers off of the Organic Check-off program.
– Brad Hubbell, Organic Consumer, California

As an organic consumer and gardener, I value deeply the organic farmers that grow the food that I eat. I do not believe that a federal check-off program paid for with increased taxes will benefit organic growers. And I definitely don’t trust the USDA Federal Research and Promotions Program to spend such funds wisely.
– Melinda Suelflow, Organic Consumer, Minnesota

As an Organic wholesale produce distributor, we work with hundreds of organic farms all across the country. I can say without reservation that the vast majority of organic farms that we have contact with are STRONGLY opposed to an organic checkoff.
– Richard Christianson, Organic Consumer, Minnesota

Food should not be a political tool. Our farmers need support not more taxes.
– Patt Rose, Organic Consumer, California

Government funding should be supporting, not penalizing organic farmers.
– Elena Freeman, Organic Consumer, California

How can anyone sleep at night knowing they are making good, safe food harder for more people to get???
– Molli Milner, Organic Consumer, CA

I am a black angus beef farmer, formally registered neither the beef check-off or the American Angus Association has helped my sales or increased them. Organic farmer or not a federally mandated check-off for any commodity or being organic is just taking money from the farmers who struggle to make ends meet to begin with. I think the idea of MOSES and the organic conferences with farmer involvement minus all the big Ag or government sticking their noses or sticky fingers in is much better. I feel there are better ways to research and prove organic and sustainable farming is way better than the ‘newer’ conventional/chemical farming.
– Liana McCoy, Sustainable Farmer, MN

I am a certified organic handler (Oh, Oh Organic, Inc.). I am completely opposed to this program as written. It is a tax without representation. I see certified organic ingredients into the cosmetic industry. This industry will not receive any benefit for the cost involved.
– Gay Timmons, Organic Processor, CA

I am a concerned citizen and someone who fears that agribusiness has taken us down a deadly path. Our public and environmental health suffer greatly while these corporate behemoths consume profits off the backs of small farmers. These farmers should not have to pay for programs that not only do not benefit them, but instead support the egregious works of huge corporations who would put them out of business.
– Lynn Frederiksen, Organic Consumer, Massachusetts

I am a consumer and as such demand the right to choose food free of chemical engineering and political hype.
– Diane Burnett, Organic Consumer, AZ

I am a consumer of organic food products. The main reason I back this petition is because organic farmers deserve to make a better living on producing and providing safer and naturally wholesome foods for us to eat, not to be victims of government corruption and corporate greed. If the Organic Check-off Program is passed, we will lose value within the organic food system in the long run.
– Michael Monthey, Organic Consumer, Wisconsin

I am a consumer who like to buy organic products, and I am happy without the mandatory programs because we already have enough information to tell the difference between “natural” and “organic”. If the small farmers are forced to pay more fines under the new program, it can risk putting the farmers out of business and we the people would have less access to untainted foods.
– John McGrath, Organic Consumer, CA

I am a consumer who supports the efforts of organic producers. The producers overwhelmingly oppose the check off program, and state that it does give them fair representation. They state that it will tax them for overseas organic products of their competitors who would be exempt from the check off. For all of these reasons and many others, i oppose the check off program.
– Linda Voith, Organic Consumer, New York

I am a farmer’s market manager and have only small farms as members. They need to be supported as a sustainable local supply of food to our community. So helping them to promote and educate the public is essential. Large corporate farms already receive most of the government benefits so make sure that the ones who really need the promotion receive it.
– Judith Robinson, Organic Consumer, New Jersey

I am a mother of 4 and do have my own organic garden. I support organic farmers and I do not want to pay into federal programs when I buy organic products.
– Melissa Baca, Organic Consumer, CA

I am a strong supporter of local organic farmers, whose interests are not furthered by the proposed Federal checkoff. The Organic Trade Association is not a representative of these small organic farmers, or of my interests as an organic produce consumer.
– John Levy, Organic Consumer, California

I am an “organic only” eater. This program is nonsense. Not going to happen. USDA is on the run. They don’t know how to stop the “organic only” eaters.
– Diane Schultheis, Organic Consumer, California

I am an American consumer who is weary of being a victim of congress who are bought and paid for by big business.
– Sandra Mccolley, Organic Consumer, CA

I am an organic CONSUMER who directly supports her local farmers by buying their meat, produce and dairy products. Big Ag has cornered the market on subsidies and influence. Let’s not punish small farmers who dare to farm the old-fashioned, sustainable way.
– Cynthia Sawtell, Organic Consumer, CA

I am an organic eater and support my local farmers market that sells organic foods. I also buy organic products at the 2 local grocery stores.
– Diane Vance, Organic Consumer, Iowa

I am an organic gardener and consumer. I want a fair shake for organic producers. Thank you.
– Cathy Holden, Organic Consumer, CA

I am an organic home gardener and on the Executive Committee of an organically-grown Community Garden.
– Gwenne Baile, Organic Consumer, NJ

I am an organic processor and cannot afford to pay more to do organic juice and it is not fare to the customer to have to pay so much more. We do not need more taxes. The money should go back to the farmers to help them not to big business.
– Ken Ratzlaff, Organic Consumer, CA

I am looking for land to be an organic farmer. It would be nice if the word identifier, “Organic”, could be commonly understood to be of great value to the eating public and to the global method of production of food stuffs. And any and all efforts to diminish the weight and meaning of said word would be abolished. We the people deserve as much. Whether one identifies himself as being religious or not, the truth of this holy word is self-evident. The word’s value and practical usage goes way beyond the evil manipulations of the old crowd to dilute and diminish its God given worth to better mankind and to enhance this good earth.
– John Nord, Organic Consumer, MD

I am not a certified organic farmer, but I am a farmer and have had dealings with check-offs. In my opinion it did not help in advertising like they claimed to help sell my product. I have had to do all of my own advertising, etc. to get decent prices for my commodity. I feel the check-offs are just another way to get money from farmers to pay for people to sit in ivory towers, get paid huge wages, do what the big corps wants, and still no nothing about the products themselves and the work that goes into them. I oppose any kind of check-off. Farmers just need to unite to help each other not let someone less knowledgeable about their work and products do it for them.
– Liana McCoy, Farmer, MN

I am not a farmer. But on behalf of those farmers whose hard work and perserverance to their trade (and doing it sustainably!) puts organic food on my table, I cannot support this issue. To chance taking away in this manner even a minutiae of the earnings these folks have earned, regardless of whether they gross minor or massive profits on their wares, is wrong. I hope critical thinking and active discussion can be utilized to create a program that makes far more sense than this.
– Annie B, Organic Consumer, CA

I am not an Organic farmer BUT I am an Organic Gardener and I support the Organic Farmers who are fighting hard to keep our food clean.
– Jeanne Watts, Organic Consumer, Massachusetts

I am not an organic farmer, but I do buy organic and wish to support organic farmers in any way that benefits them. I do not believe the check-off program will benefit them. Please do not pass an organic check-off program.
– Mary Ann O’Donnell, Organic Consumer, IL

I am strongly opposed to the corporate effort for organic farmers to fund their promotion activities. It isn’t needed.
– Susan Brown, Organic Consumer, CA

I ask you to vote against the Organic Check Off Program to maintain the availability of the highest quality food at an affordable price for families. High quality food which is free of pesticides and herbicides will promote physical and mental health in our communities and help reduce future health care costs. I urge you to vote in accordance with the voters you actually represent and not for corporations. Exercise your conscious. Thank you.
– Denni Adamson, Organic Consumer, CA

I buy from local farmers and choose to support their efforts in growing foods safe from pesticides. Please support them, too.
– Susan Zelinsky, Organic Consumer, CA

I buy organic foods for many reasons even though I’m unable to afford lots. This is the only type of food that is safe for food allergy sufferers.
– Tamika Phillips, Organic Consumer, RI

I buy organic produce EXCLUSIVELY, despite a higher cost, to encourage the industry and to help get prices lowered so more folks can afford to ignore factory farming… You need to broadcast this campaign more extensively!–Oakland fan of Marin Organic; consumer of Marin Sun Farms products :-)
– CA Lonergan, Organic Consumer, CA

I buy organic, and keeping the costs down is very important. Please do the right thing, I will track your activities.
– Frank Menhams, Organic Consumer, CA

I certify many organic farmers and I do not see any benefit to farmers under the proposed Organic Check-Off program. Sales of organic products has been averaging increases of over 10% per year during the past ten years since the implementation of the National Organic Program. Maintaining the integrity of that program so consumers continue to trust the USDA Organic Seal is important and necessary to sustaining the growth of organic trade. The proposed check-off is not needed.
– Sam Welsch, Organic Certifier, Nebraska

I do NOT want an Organic check off program.
– Jodi Brown, Organic Consumer, Louisiana

I do not want the large agribusiness companies in the organic field to further dominate the market. I am in favor of more local, small producers who take care of the land as well as the integrity of their production.
– Elizabeth Barnum, Organic Consumer, North Dakota

I EAT organic foods for the health of my body. I support organic FARMING. I support organic FARMERS. Clean shit belongs on organic farming land. The rest of it requires cleaning – I refer to the stuff shoveled at us from the USDA Federal Research and Promotion Programs.
– Barbara Blough, Organic Consumer, Illinois

I eat organic.. this doesn’t need to be.. The companies can see where it going. We want organic food without chemicals.
– Connie Curtis, Organic Consumer, TX

I grow beneficial insects used by organic farmers and my business depends on organic farmers being able to have a level playing field and prove the value of the products in fair trade. This is not fair.
– Jan Dietrick, Organic Business Owner, CA

I grow much of my own food organically and I supplement with food grown by organic farmers. I do not agree with a program that harms them in any way.
– Margie Goulden, Organic Consumer, WA

I grow my own food and use organic methodologies. After seeing the data of the experiences of the beef,pork and current farmers experience I would create my own check-off list under the strict auspices of worldwide organic standards with specific goals and expectations where the monies could go. Otherwise, the system is rigged against organic farmers and they should be exempt from the current check-off list.
– Sharon Bodman, Organic Gardener, Oregon

I have a small organic garden, but rely for food mostly on the local, organic farmers that live in my area. I encourage policies that help the small farmer…not hinder them.
– Trinka Marris, Organic Gardener, California

I have family and friends who are farmers. We have to make the system better instead of overburdening it with more government fees and paperwork. They need subsidies and tax breaks.
– Bre Perry, Organic Consumer, CO

I have many friends who are organic farmers. Their efforts to grow healthy food naturally should be rewarded, not taxed for marketing over which they have little or no say. The UNDP’s report on Food Security globally says the US should immediately adopt major policies to support the growth of organic foods in our country. It is time to reverse the course of big agriculture’s insensitivity to a healthy ecosystem and adopt some sweeping policies to support and reward organic farmers for their contribution to true food security.
– M. Baker, Organic Consumer, Virginia

I live in a rural county, and I know many organic farmers personally. I do not trust the USDA to do anything that benefits organic farmers or consumers anymore. I don’t need promotional ads telling me what to eat. Because of having eaten “conventional” poisoned GMO foods for many years, I now have many food allergies and inflamed intestines. I don’t have the “choice” to eat conventional food anymore, and I don’t want to have my farmers further burdened by taking more of their money.
– Lisa Butterfield, Organic Consumer, California

I oppose the organic check off system proposed by the USDA
– Angela KEARY, Organic Consumer, CA

I own a food enterprise that depends upon a viable local, organic supply. Please do not introduce regulations that make it harder for small farming operations to produce organic product.
– Robert Richard, Organic Food Business, Oregon

I purchase organic produce at our local Farmer’s Market each week. This would be an unnecessary burden on our local farmers.
– Louise Hassan, Organic Consumer, California

I support small family farms.
– Barbara Rothkrug, Organic Consumer, CA

I support the certified organic, local farming movement. I do NOT support reprehensible taxation of sustainable alternative food sources! Tax big ag, those who can afford it!
– Michael Baird, Organic Consumer, CA

I support you 100%!
– Cindy Power, Organic Consumer, Washington

I try to buy almost all organic- but local organic. I am not in favor of this program because I fell it penalizes small farmers.
– Barbara St John, Organic Consumer, CA

I volunteer locally with several organic ag non-profit organizations. SMALL local ag is very important to me, my children, and my grandchildren.
– Erika Hoytt, Organic Consumer, CA

I want to keep small local organic farms viable. No check off program. Keep corporate farms out of the organic farming business because they will irreparably corrupt it.
– Elisabeth Lambert, Organic Consumer, CA

I work as a nutritionist with an organic feed mill and this proposal will just drive out more organic family farms that we can’t afford to lose.
– Cheryl Collins, Organic Consumer and Animal Nutritionist, Maine

I work for an organic farmer, so this is very important to me!!
– Peggy Diedrichs, Organic Consumer, CA

I work with many organic and natural farmers, they do not need the additional cost exhaustion. They have children to feed and seeds to purchase. They can donate if they choose, and their money is theirs to choose.
– Diane Adams, Organic Consumer, Indiana

If these are the issues that we face our own government we have much bigger problems.
– Jeremy McLaughlin, Organic Consumer, TX

I’m with you!
– Kim Burggraf, Organic Consumer, CA

IT is clear our government now is owned and operated by corporations and hates family farms. We, the People, are FOR small, family farms and we the people do NOT want OUR government making laws that favor Agribusiness farms and hurt small family farms. Period.
– Michael White, Organic Consumer, CA

Making it harder for organic farmers makes it harder for all of us to eat well and be healthy. Food security is National Security. There’s a reason Churchill told people to plant victory gardens. When organic farmers win, we all win!
– Marybeth Gardam, Organic Consumer, Iowa

No taxation of organic farmers without their majority representation on the Organic Trade Organization.
– Dexter Carmichael, Organic Consumer, California

NO to the organic check-off program
– Diane Davis, Organic Consumer, Iowa

Obviously unconstitutional.
– Tim Cutler, Organic Consumer, NJ

Organic farmers do not make that much anyway. I do not think it is fair or right for them to be forced to give part of their hard earned income for this program.
– Julie Kastrup, Organic Consumer, California

Organic farmers have a hard enough time without additional paperwork or expenses
– Sandra Bird, Organic Consumer, CA

Organic farmers need to be supported, not taxed. They have figured out how to raise food without herbicides and pesticides. Tax the companies that sell herbicides and pesticides, not the organic farmers! Protect our health!!
– Lucinda Olney, Organic Consumer, California

Organic farmers receive little benefit from programs such as these from the FDA. These check off programs benefit the corporate marketplace and yet it’s the farmers that pay for them. This is incredibly lopsided and unfair to the people who actually grow the food. Farmer’s (the actual people who get their hands dirty, not the quasi-farmers who sit in an office somewhere wearing a suit etc. ) profits are already very low SO if the manufacturers and retail sellers want the FDA to have the programs that basically benefit them they must be the ones to pay into the ‘check off’ programs.
– Shari W., Organic Consumer, California

Organic farmers should not be subject to an additional bureaucratic fee for every product they sell. It is not easy to be an organic farmer and this is a totally unnecessary constraint on them. Also they do not need to be supporting someone else’s marketing campaigns. I simply don’t trust the USDA on this.
– Rosemary De Sanna, Organic Consumer, CA

Organic food should not have to pay to be labeled organic, genetically modified food NEED to be labeled, we need to know if our food is not “natural”
– Alexandra Loureiro, Organic Consumer, NJ

Organic nursery business and gardens since 1975.
– E Hudson, Organic Consumer, WI

People who choose organic already pay more money to make a better food choice. No more cost added to the organic farmers!
– Lisa Rowe, Organic Consumer, CA

Please discontinue the check off program or exempt all organic farmers from it.
– Linda Voith, Organic Consumer, NY

Please DO NOT let Washington push us around, say NO to Taxing our Organic food!!!
– Jeannie Hall, Organic Consumer, California

Please don’t make it harder for organic farmers and producers to make a decent wage. High quality organic foods can stand on their own.
– Sandi Robertson, Organic Consumer, NJ

Please stop compromising the integrity of healthful food by succumbing to corporate pressure. Got a conscience?
– Sarah Domenico, Organic Consumer, CA

Please stop harassing organic farmers with tactics like this! They do us all a great service !
– Cindy Kamm, Organic Consumer, California

Please support organic farming and natural food production.
– Laurin Vinson, Organic Consumer, MO

Previously an organic farmer, my wife and I know that Organic farmers almost without exception vehemently oppose the proposed check-off program as do we and probably most of any Organic consumers who are aware of its Negative effects on Organic producers and failure to help Organic Agriculture much as the Beef and Dairy Check-offs failure.
– Don Faulkner, Former Organic Farmer, Vermont

Protect our current organic farmers – hear their side, not just the PAID side!
– Cara Cordoni, Organic Consumer, CA

Public Awareness is spreading on the many benefits of organic products. Sales will continue to increase and marketing is irrelevant. Word of mouth is much more powerful than marketing tactics.
– Andrea Acevedo, Organic Consumer, CA

Quality is obvious with organic products. No need to increase their fees!!!
– Amy Kelley, Organic Consumer, TX

Small farmers are oppressed enough trying to provide good food in their local areas. They should NOT be taxed on the produce they sell. Keep big Brother out of Organic Farming!
– Mary Ann Petro, Organic Consumer, Inverness, CA
Stop creating mandates that stress the profit margins of organic dairy farmers. The organic farmers are being pushed out of business. You are squeezing them too hard.
– Linda Voith, Organic Consumer, NY

Stop taxing us for every little thing you need to trim your budget!
– Mary Grillo, Organic Consumer, California

Stop the march of big farming stomping on the rights and profits of independent organic farmers!
– Lynn Gutstadt, Organic Consumer, CA

The “check-offs” are a form of taxation on Rural Farm Agriculture to fund the commercial promotion of Corporate Agriculture.
– Kent Morris, Organic Consumer, IA

The farmers do not benefit from this I oppose it
– Elizabeth Fenwick, Organic Consumer, CA

The farmers should be able to keep their money! They do not benefit from these Check-Off Programs so why must they be the ones to payroll it?!
– Dena Haupt, Organic Consumer, Pennsylvania

The farming I do is personal and organic. The products I purchase I strive to make as organic by health choice. I do not wish my spending dollars to go towards corrupt and worthless campaigns and research that further serves toxic chemical agriculture, corporatized large scale farmers. I believe checkoff fees should be abolished altogether and my tax dollars to no longer go towards subsidies to large agribusiness, or, on another topic towards supporting the advancement of dirty energy. Both are poisoning the people, the environment and destroying the chances of humankind to live on this planet peacefully and healthily. Thank you.
– Kathleen Mathis, Organic Consumer, FL

The Organic Program does not need another program designed to break small farmers. National Organics Board is increasingly packed with large producers corrupting the intention of organic food to please Big Ag who want a larger easier share of the markets. With a handful of very large profitable companies already getting half or more of all farm subsidies, an increased effort must be made to assist all producers to maximize their clean and profitable efforts. Check off again hurts the Big Ag competition which again seems to be by design. My entire life I have strived to find the cleanest food possible after being raised on disgusting processed foods my Mom trusted and loved. As standards keep being degraded intentionally by USDA and now NOB, I personally seek out even smaller growers who are not labeled but trustworthy. The aforementioned have gone so far over the line with their bias against family and small farms, food safety and trustworthiness it has lost any credibility with anyone paying attention. Stop being enforcers for big ag- punishing farms who are no threat to big ag. Stop it, No Organic Checkoff.
– Carol Jagiello, Organic Consumer, NJ

The people who sing the praises of any check-off are the ones running the program. A government program with fat salaries and pensions that take money away from the farmer. “Got Milk?”, very successful??? milk consumption down cheese up, but it’s not “Got Cheese” Do car companies collect a dollar a 100 pounds from car owners to advertise as a separate program run by the government??? Currently organic gardener with a goal of an organic dairy. All said the government people who will shove this down the throats of farmers can’t help it because there is a lot of money to be made off them!!!
– Johnny Stansell, Organic Consumer, TX

The USDA will pick something banal to promote such as educating the consumer about the difference between “natural” and “certified organic” instead of something controversial, such as the carbon sequestering power of organic production.
– Alitza Blough, Organic Consumer, IA

There are several proposals afoot that would increase costs for organic farmers and further widen the gulf between the price for organic food and commodity crops, and would also very likely reduce the number of organic farms and farmers by making it too difficult for organic farmers to make a living. I strongly oppose these measures, and suggest that legislators would better spend their time reducing or eliminating subsidies for GMO seeds and their companion chemical treatments. The sheer quantity of chemicals required to keep gm crops going is killing off the bee population, polluting the water and creating the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. These are real problems that regulations need to address. The cost of commodity farmers not using cover crops to hold the soil in place and to absorb rain water and melted snow during the 8 months of the year when corn and soy are not growing is enormous and is carried by the public, not the commodity farmers who are getting the big subsidies to carry on the practices that pollute the water, erode the soil, cause the dead zone and result in less nutritious food for the consumer.
– Kathy Jaffey, Organic Consumer, IA

This is bad for organic family farms. Doing organic is expensive enough. OTA wants money to fund industrialization and commercialization of organic food.
– Michael Potter, Organic Consumer, Michigan

This legislation endangers our health by making organic food less accessible to people who need it most.
– Francesca Fifis , Organic Consumer, CA

This program will negatively affect the growing community of small organic farmers in NJ.
– Mariellen Keefe, Organic Consumer, NJ

This proposal only supports large producers, not the small producers that purchase from. This proposal will only increase the price I pay for products that I am already committed to.
– Robert Arbuckle, Organic Consumer, IA

Though I am not a certified organic farmer, I am a small scale farmer practicing sustainable organic management of my vegetable and laying hen operation. I do not think the organic check-off program would benefit me nor any of the small scale organic farmers in my region.
– Deborah Muntner, Organic Consumer, NY

To saddle organic farmers with supporting this type of program is a very bad idea and hampers small businesses that are the backbone of our local economies. Thank you for your consideration.
– Richard Saxe, Organic Consumer, California

To whom it may concern, Having spent the better part of the decade of the 1980’s involved in organic farming and helping to write the code for sustainable agriculture in California, I know first hand the hard work and integrity that goes into growing and retailing organic food crops. The present federal statute proposed ( the Organic Trade Association Check-off List) would nullify, or at very least undermine, the efforts of both the organic growers and the concerned consumers to sustain a viable organic agriculture in the USA. Please do not make the mistake of undermining the organic food growers and consumers. These people represent a very important thread in American society and stand for the future of a healthier nation.
– Gina Inez, Organic Consumer, California

We buy most of our fruits and veggies directly from CSAs through a weekly organic box and directly from Farmer’s Markets. The margins for organic farmers are not large and yet the benefits of organic farming are incalculable for the environmental health of the planet and all its inhabitants. It is unhelpful and undemocratic to impose the burden of a generic tax on small scale organic farming operations.
– Sue Crawford, Organic Consumer, CA

We need to support farmers and not make it more difficult to do this already challenging job.
– Laura Wyatt, Organic Consumer, CA

What a nightmare.
– Jean Molinari, Organic Consumer, CA

Working toward organic certification. We can manage our own businesses, thank you. I DO NOT WANT A GOVERNMENT-MANDATED ‘CHECK-OFF’. I DO MY OWN ADVERTIZING, THANKYOU.
– Rich Larson, Farmer in Organic Transition, Vermont

Wouldn’t it be wonderful when the USDA starts supporting organic farmers, whose food is good for us, and whose processes benefit the planet, instead of being a stooge for industrial agriculture and Monsanto. Wouldn’t it be a great day when the USDA does the will of the people instead of corporations?
– Miriam Weinstein, Organic Consumer, CASupport organic farmers, oppose the checkoff!