Where do the Organic Checkoff Dollars go?

OTA keeps insisting that the organic checkoff could generate 30 million dollars annually.   When USDA did their calculations, they only counted $25 million.   But let’s give OTA the benefit of the doubt….   How would that 30 million be spent?

15% off the top goes to Administering the checkoff program ($4.5 million)checkoffdollars2

The remaining $25.5 million gets divided as follows:

  1.  25% are reserved for Discretionary Funds  (??? $6.37 million for whatever the Board decides)
  2.  25% to Marketing & Promotion  ($6.37 million)
  3.  12.5% to Agricultural Research ($3.2 million)
  4.  12.5% to Marketing Research ($3.2 million)
  5.  12.5% to Farmer Education & Information ($3.2 million)
  6.  12.5% to Industry Information ($3.2 million)

Organic farmers nationwide agree that we need more organic research & education, but is a checkoff tax going to get us enough dollars so that it’s worth the bureaucracy burden?

How do the organic research dollars even out nationwide?
The checkoff board is divided into 6 U.S. geographic regions.   If each state in each region is equally allowed a piece of the pie, this is how much research money would be allotted annually.


Click on the graphic for a clearer image.










Now… assuming most of this money will be granted to Universities (as is the growing trend),
universities typically charge their researchers 45-50% off each grant for overhead.

DIVIDE the above numbers by HALF.   

Annually, HALF of what you see above is what will be used for organic research. 
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